More Instructional Resources

School resources
Professional organizations
  • ADEA teaching resources: Resources on teaching, learning, assessment, teaching with technology, curriculum design, competency-based education, and more. It includes MedEdPORTAL, a peer-reviewed publication with free downloadable multimedia resources, and ADEA weTeach.
  • Educause: Educause is a non-profit organization dedicted to advancing higher education through technology integration. It provides high quality teaching resources to higher education faculty across disciplines.
  • MERLOT: Peer-reviewed instructional resources on a wide range of topics and disciplines by the CSU system.
  • Magna Publications: A national organization dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning in highed education through faculty development. It offers some free resources on teaching and learning strategies for higher education faculty across disciplines (e.g., the Faculty Focus blog).
  • Flipped Learning Network: An online learning community for educators interested in the flipped classroom model.