Instructional Strategies

Below are curated teaching resources including a summary of best practices, tips, links to online resources, and recommended readings.

Active Learning
Multimedia Design
Online Learning
Flipped Classroom
Game-Based Learning

Gameplay is a great way to engage this generation of students. Below are a few free web tools to create and implement game-based learning.

  • Jeopardylabs. Web-based jeopardy game that doesn't need a PowerPoint slide template. It has free and paid versions.
  • Flipquiz. Another web-based jeoprady game system with a few advanced features, incouding a timer. It has free and paid versions.
  • Hot Potato. Create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, crossword, matching/ordering and flll in the gap activities. It is free.
  • Quizlet. Search for and create your own flash cards and games. It is free.
Clinical Teaching