Digital Educational Innovation Lab

The Center for Educational Innovation and Scholarship is available for faculty, staff and students who would like to use it for teaching and learning-related activities. For pedagogical support, contact Meixun Sinky Zheng, PhD, Associate Professor and Sr. Faculty Developer, Office of Academic Affairs. For technical support, contact Michael Interrante, BA, Media Producer, IT department.

Media design team
Technology and Equipment
  • Video camera on an adjustable tripod for professional video recording.
  • Microphone for a variety of recordings, including interviews, audio for videos, and podcasts.
  • Professional lightening to provide ideal light for various studio recordings.
  • Green screen for video recording.
  • Wacom drawing tablet to create handwritten, whiteboard-style animated videos.
  • Computer with audio and video editing tools.
  • Mobile devices (iPads)
  • Various software for teaching, learning, and assessment.