Employee Volunteer Opportunities Committee

Do you enjoy volunteering?  Are you interested in giving back to the community?  

If you are a faculty or staff member, we would love for you to join the Employee Volunteer Opportunities Committee (EVOC)!

Our Mission

To provide opportunities for all faculty and staff to give back and support the local community through a collective service to local charitable organizations. We will:

  • Work with local organizations to identify opportunities for faculty and staff to volunteer, both on an individual basis and as groups.
  • Regularly organize group volunteering activities that focus on issues outside of the scope of dentistry.
  • Support and complement the institution's core values of humanism, leadership, collaboration, and philanthropy.

The EVOC meets monthly and we welcome all who would like to attend a meeting or join our committee.

For more information, email Matt Schueller at mschueller@pacific.edu.

Committee Members

Matt Schueller, Chair
Mari Okamura, Treasurer/Scribe
Hilda Asturias, Anita Ayers, Kamika Brown, Cassandra Cave, Valeria Donald, Denise Elfenbein, Cheryl Flores, Des Gallagher, Geneva Gonzales, Annie Han, Kimmel Kington, Jennifer McGlothlin, Reed Milnes, Nada Nehme, Rowena O'Connor, Erika Rincon, Jill Rodgers-Lash, Georgina Rojas, Dan Soine, Melissa Yamanaka, Ryan Yu


EVOC volunteers at Project Open Hand

EVOC volunteers at Christmas

EVOC volunteers

EVOC volunteers