Years of Service Recognition

Formal acknowledgment of years of service was launched in 2011 to recognize staff and faculty members who have reached specific anniversaries in their employment at Pacific. The Employee Recognition Committee sponsors a yearly luncheon to honor and thank these employees who have reached employment milestones.

In 2016, the following employees were recognized and celebrated for their years of service:

5 Years

Melisa Addison Caminata
Karima Bogner
Dr. Mark Booth
Kamika Brown
Daniel Clark
Dr. Darren Cox
Dr. Steven Curtis
Hilary Djeng
Dr. Richard Farrell
Nancy Flores
Dr. Carlos Gonzalez
Bradd Jenkins
Kimmel Kington
Dr. Marcia Loo
Deborah Marini
Tracee Mayfield-Malone
Dr. Chan Park
Edward Pegueros
Jonathan Rutherford
Matthew Schueller
Dr. Lynne Wong
Dr. Andrew Young

10 Years

Elizabeth Correa
Catherine Critchfield
Douglas Fuller
Celso Gonzales
Nancy Hang
Marceyl Jones
Debbie Keatley
Mario Moraila
Wilbert Presa
Dr. Karen Schulze
Paula Watson
Chuna Williams
Colleen Woo

15 Years

Zandro Alcantara
Hilda Anderson
Dr. Sheldon Baumrind
Patricia Bernal
Elzbieta Braun
Juliet Carrillo
Warren Chang
Dr. Abida Cheema
Carlita Del Castillo
Ines Fuentes
Seberiana Hernandez
Dr. Tom Indresano
Esther Kwong
Jose Laxa
Dr. Kenneth Louie
Dr. James Milani
Guillermo Pidlaoan
Andrea Woodson

20 Years

Dr. Tamer Alpagot
Luis Benito
Dr. Robert Boyd
Matthew Clerici
Kara Sanchez
Robert Trezia
Dr. Douglas Young

25 Years

Kathleen Candito
Jackie Dantes
Jon Draper
Aiyasara Kittivatana

30 Years

SuJin Mayeda
Stephanie Trover
Irene Vargas-Dumpit
Joan Yokom

35 Years

Evelyn Alameda
Joanne Fox
Dr. Eugene LaBarre

45 Years

Dr. David Chambers

65 Years

Dr. Arthur Dugoni