Alumni Membership Benefits & Levels

Your Alumni Association is one of the strongest among all U.S. dental schools. More than 1,500 people register for our annual Alumni Meeting and an incredible 44% of eligible members support the Alumni Association with dues payments each year.

The Alumni Association operates as an independent, non-profit organization with the sole purpose of promoting the welfare of the school, its graduates and the profession of dentistry. The Alumni Association sponsors and supports events for our alumni, students and the profession.

We make a difference. Help continue the tradition by joining the Alumni Association today.

Your dues payments support alumni in many ways
  • Annual Alumni Meeting where alumni can learn the latest in dentistry and earn 12-14 continuing education units 
  • Annual Alumni/Graduate Banquet to honor the graduates and welcome them into the Alumni Association 
  • Alumni receptions during the ADA and CDA Annual Sessions 
  • Website where members can share news updates and listings of practice sales and associateships 
  • Chapter events in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Southern California and Utah 
  • Annual Mentoring Program to bring together senior students with alumni looking for associates or to sell their practice 
  • Full-time staff at the dental school to give referrals, find classmates and answer members' questions 
  • Online Directory of Alumni Association members with contact information
Your dues payments also help support students
  • Student Scholarship Fund providing scholarships to five to eight students per year 
  • The Cioppino Welcome Dinner for first-year students, the annual retreat and White Coat Ceremony for second-year students and the Practice Opportunities and Mentor Program for third-year students
  • Class-run events such as the Halloween Party, Over the Hump Party, Senior Dance and Talent Show 
  • Hosting of the graduating class at the annual Alumni Recognition Luncheon and the black-tie Alumni/Graduate Banquet 
  • Exemption from dues payments for graduates during their first year out of school and invitation to the annual Alumni Meeting 
  • A variety of athletic events and teams, including softball, basketball, golf tournaments, Bay to Breakers and many more 
Membership levels
Active Membership

Active members are alumni who support our Association by paying membership dues each year. We rely on our members' dues payments to support the Alumni Association's mission and goals.

Annual dues are $199 per year, and there are several benefits of membership. Dues notices are sent to all alumni each December. Members attending alumni events (i.e. Annual Meeting, CDA receptions or regional events) are expected to be current in dues payments. All graduates and associate members receive every mailing from the Alumni Association, regardless of dues paying status.

All graduates and associate members receive every mailing from the Alumni Association, regardless of dues paying status. 

Associate Membership

Dentists who are not graduates of our dental school are invited to join the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Alumni Association as associate members. For the same annual membership dues, non-graduate dentists receive all mailings and benefits, and are listed in our directory as associate members.

To join the Alumni Association as an associate member, please contact our Alumni Office at 415.351.7108.


The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Alumni Association organizes several annual and biannual events designed to help you stay connected with your classmates and the dental school family.

Our events include:

  • Alumni receptions during the California Dental Association (CDA) Spring Scientific Session in Anaheim and the CDA Fall Scientific Session in San Francisco. 
  • Our Annual Alumni Meeting where members can earn continuing education units by attending various lectures. We invite commercial vendors to showcase their products and hold a reception for all participants at the end of the first meeting day. This two-day meeting is usually held in late winter on a Friday (full day) and Saturday (half day). 
  • Regional breakfasts, lunches, receptions and/or dinners held during various western states' annual dental association meetings or during national meetings such as the ADA or ADEA.
  • The annual Alumni/Graduate Banquet held each June to welcome the graduating classes into the association.